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Facial Surgery: Facelift in NYC

The Facelift is one of the common procedures performed by plastic surgeons. It is an effective method to help eliminate years of facial wrinkles and skin sagging.

How is it Done?

FaceliftPrior to facelift surgery, the patient must refrain from taking aspirin or smoking for two weeks. Aspirin can cause excessive bleeding during surgery. Smoking can damage the delicate facial skin and potentially leave visible scars.

The patient consumes nothing (even water) the night before surgery. In the morning, it is important to wash one's hair and face thoroughly.

The Facelift can be performed in my office or in the hospital operating room, usually under heavy sedation. The entire operation takes approximately 3 hours depending on how many additional procedures are desired. (Usually a facelift is combined with eyelid surgery and/or facial liposuction.) An incision is made that essentially encircles the patient's ear; the front portion goes into the hair above the ear, while the posterior portion stops at the mid-portion of the ear. A surgical scissors is then inserted under through this incision and the neck and facial skin is elevated. The excess skin is then pulled backwards and removed. The result is a smoother, more youthful appearance.

What Happens After My Surgery?

Immediately following the surgery the patient's face is wrapped in a compression garment to help prevent any excess bleeding. The garment is worn for a few days. The patient will be kept overnight in the hospital for observation. One or two small drains are placed in the incision sites and are removed in the morning. The sutures are removed from around the ears at three to four days.

Remember that any surgical procedure requires a certain period of recovery. The body needs time to adjust to its new, younger look. Therefore, depending on the patient's skin type and underlying health, it is possible (and normal) for the face to remain swollen and black and blue for up to two to three weeks. This doesn't mean one has to stay home and hide from the public. Makeup can be worn to cover visible areas of bruising. However, the full effect of the surgery may not be accurately seen until that time.

How Long Should My Facelift Last?

Depending on the patient's age, health, smoking history and skin type, a facelift should last ten years.


I have a lot of fine wrinkles on my face. Will a Facelift help get rid of them?

A facelift itself is not entirely effective against very fine facial lines. In addition to a facelift you might need laser resurfacing and/or collagen injections.

Do men have any special problems with Facelift Surgery?

Yes, a man's face has more blood vessels than a woman because of the male beard. Therefore there can be a higher incidence of post-operative bleeding. Also, the sideburns need to be accurately re-positioned following surgery.

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