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Facial Surgery: Ear Surgery & Reconstruction

How is it Done?

For prominent ears, an incision is made on the back of the ears and the tissue beneath is weakened to allow it fold backwards toward the head. Additionally, sutures are placed in this area in order to hold the repair in place.

What Happens after my Surgery?

Ear SurgeryThe ears are wrapped in elastic dressing for a few days. After removal of the wrap, the patient is now free to perform most activities that do not threaten the repair (i.e. no contact sports).

At night a sweatband can be worn to protect the correction. There is usually minimal swelling and the sutures are removed at approximately 1 week. Health insurance may pay for this procedure in certain cases.


I want the surgery, but I don’t want to see any scars.

The scar is well hidden behind the ear and no one will notice even if the patient is bald. Additionally, the scar in this area normally heals very well.

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