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Body Sculpting: Breast Reduction in NYC

Breast reduction surgery is usually performed for women with large, pendulous breasts. Large breasts can be a frequent source of back, neck and shoulder pain. They can also cause rashes on the skin under the breasts from excessive sweating.

Breast reduction surgery can also be performed for women who simply wish to have their moderate-sized breasts reduced in size in order to give a more beautiful, youthful appearance. For many patients, breast reductions are covered by most health insurance plans.

How is it Done?

Breast ReductionThere are many surgical techniques for reducing large breasts. Each surgeon has his preferred method based on his training and experience. No one technique is universally better than another as each has its inherent strengths and weaknesses. My preferred method is the one most commonly performed by plastic surgeons around the world - the so-called "inferior pedicle" technique. I occasionally will use other designs based on individual patient needs. The inferior pedicle technique (IFT) allows the surgeon to remove breast tissue from the lower portion of the breast with the scar hidden between the nipple and the chest wall. (The scar looks like an upside-down "T". The head of the "T" is along the bottom of the breast, and the stem goes from the chest wall toward the nipple.)

What Happens After My Surgery?

Some patients can go home on the day of surgery. If very large breasts are reduced, I will frequently keep these patients in the hospital overnight. The breasts are wrapped in a post-operative surgical bra that is worn for approximately one week. Although most patients can return quickly to their daily routine, prolonged or excessive physical activity is discouraged for up to 2 weeks, as this will make the breasts swell painfully.


What about breast feeding and nipple sensation following my breast reduction?

Most women can still breast feed after breast reduction. This ability, however, is dependent upon the initial size of the breasts and the desired post-operative size. Loss of breast feeding ability increases with the amount of tissue removed. Nipple sensation is also usually maintained after breast reduction. However, like breast feeding, the more tissue removed, the more nipple sensation is jeopardized.

I like the size of my breasts, but since I had my kids, they hang down. What can you do for me?

You would need a breast lift, or "mastopexy." In this procedure, only the breast skin (no tissue) is removed. With the excess skin removed, the breasts rise to a perky and more youthful level. Some woman may require a breast implant as well in order to get adequate lift.

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